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Detail of Fee Structure

DUI Lawyer Mark Rosenfeld believes that it is important that anyone charged with a crime should have access to high quality representation. Those who are indigent or cannot afford to hire a lawyer may be eligible for a public defender. Those who hire a private lawyer will learn that different lawyers may charge different fees. Many law firms have high overhead budgets from expensive advertising campaigns, opulent offices and other unnecessary overhead that does the client no good.

Attorney Mark Rosenfeld does not run pricey radio ads or indulge in fancy offices and trimmings – why bother since he spends most days in public court buildings working for his clients? He is able to keep his fees at an affordable rate for his clients while providing high quality representation at the same time.

Payment plans are offered, and we also accept Visa, MasterCard, discover and American Express.

The following are a breakdown of our attorney’s fees:


TOTAL flat attorney fee, including pre-trial hearings and trial from $1500-3000 for Los Angeles County court cases. Please call for an estimate for DUI cases in other courts.

Other misdemeanor charges:

Total flat attorney fee, including all pre-trial hearings and trial normally ranges from $1,000 to $3,000 depending on the charge and the court.

Felony Cases:

Because of the wide range of possible cases with felony cases the fee will be based on individual cases. The typical fee starts at $3,000.