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Being charged with driving under the influence in West Hollywood can be a very intimidating and potentially life-changing event. A conviction for even a first offense can result in loss of driver’s license, fines, alcohol monitoring, jail and higher insurance premiums. Being found guilty would also mean having an arrest record, which could cause employment difficulties.

Don’t leave your future to chance. West Hollywood DUI Lawyer, Mark Rosenfeld is dedicated to fighting the DUI charges filed against you, and facilitating the very best result possible. Mark’s sole focus is DUI law and drunk driving defense. If there is a way to have your DUI dismissed or reduced, Mark Rosenfeld will find it.

Call Now for a Free DUI Consultation. If you have been arrested for drunk driving in California, the experienced West Hollywood, CA DUI Attorney Mark Rosenfeld will help prepare an aggressive defense. For a free initial consultation and evaluation of your arrest for DUI in California, please call 800-9700-DUI

Defending People Arrested for CA DUI The West Hollywood DUI Lawyer, Mark Rosenfeld has successfully handled hundreds of California DUI cases. The law firm strives to offer the most aggressive and intelligent defense to those accused of driving under the influence in Los Angeles County, California. A well-seasoned DUI lawyer is often significantly more focused and more knowledgeable than the police officer, prosecuting attorney or judge that you may face in your battle.

Mark Rosenfeld has professional relationships in the courts and with the judges and prosecuting attorneys where he practices DUI law. His excellent reputation and knowledge allows him to help you get the best possible result.

Pricing and Service – Unlike many lawyers, Mark Rosenfeld will tell you exactly how much he will charge for his professional services. His fees are competitive, and in many cases lower than other law firms. His pricing is deliberately set so that his clients receive the highest amount of work, service and expertise for the money.

DUI Attorney Mark Rosenfeld accepts many forms of payment, and, in most cases, can set up payment plans that work with your budget. Before you hire an attorney, please call the Law Offices of Mark Rosenfeld to discuss your case. Mark offers the most experience and the best service for the money.