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dui-1The West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station has been using DUI Checkpoints for years. They have made tons of money off of arresting drivers who may or may not have been impaired by drugs or alcohol. More importantly, they have significantly disrupted the lives of good, honest citizens who were doing nothing wrong.

Many times, this disruption of life starts as an improperly set up and run DUI Checkpoint. The way that the Sheriff sets up and runs a checkpoint will often run afoul of the rules discussed earlier. The West Hollywood Sheriffs don’t always follow the rules; and many times they don’t even know the rules that need to be followed.

The Sheriff’s Department often will leave out entire elements or factors they are required to consider. For example, the Sheriffs may fail to notify anyone that they are going to run a checkpoint. One of the key factors is public notification of the checkpoint. Another key element they may not know about is the location of the checkpoint. There are a lot of things the Sheriff is supposed to consider when selecting a location for the DUI Checkpoint; and, if they don’t consider those factors, they are violating the rules of a legal checkpoint.

There are many ways to successfully defend someone stopped and arrested at a DUI Checkpoint. In addition to all of the normal ways a good attorney can defend someone accused of driving under the influence, DUI Checkpoints add many more layers and opportunities for the defense.

Just because the West Hollywood Sheriff sets up a DUI Checkpoint does not make it right or legal. The best thing to do if you or a loved one is arrested at a DUI Checkpoint is to talk to a few good DUI defense attorneys right away. If someone arrested at a DUI Checkpoint does not stand up for themselves by hiring an attorney, many more drivers and improperly accused people will suffer. To learn more about DUI’s and DUI Checkpoints, please call or e-mail MR DUI LA, Attorney Mark Rosenfeld.