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I will handle your DUI case personally, from beginning to end.

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My name is Mark Rosenfeld, and I am a West Hollywood DUI lawyer whose sole practice is defending real people charged with a DUI.

I understand what you are going through if you have been arrested for driving under the influence, and I want to offer my services as a DUI defense lawyer in order to help. Far too often, I have heard of drivers receiving extremely harsh penalties for a DUI conviction for a case that did not warrant it. I hear of drivers being convicted for driving under the influence when they should not have been. All of this could have been avoided had they retained the services of a competent attorney to protect their rights. As an experienced Los Angeles DUI attorney, I am committed to providing my clients with a level of service and personal representation that will help them avoid a conviction and maximum penalties.

West Hollywood DUI Attorney Mark Rosenfeld
DUI Court Victories in Los Angeles County

I take a very personalized and hands-on approach to defending my clients charged with drunk driving. While many DUI firms delegate work to a junior associate or less-experienced attorney, I understand the importance of handling your case personally, from beginning to end. I will take care of all aspects of the case – license hearings at the DMV, and courtroom appearances, so that you can concentrate on getting your life back in order after a DUI arrest. Your initial consultation with DUI Attorney, Mark Rosenfeld is free. You are welcome and encouraged to call me at 310-424-3145 for your free case evaluation. The clock on your DUI case is ticking. Every day is critical. I would strongly advise you not to accept a plea bargain or submit to questioning without at least first consulting with a lawyer.