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dui-3The streets of West Hollywood are patrolled by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD). From time to time, the LAPD, Beverly Hills Police, and even the California Highway Patrol can be found in the City of West Hollywood. However, when it comes to DUI Checkpoints, it is usually just the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department running the show.

The West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station gets funding (money for overtime, advertising, supplies, etc.) to run “DUI Checkpoints”, and it is big business. DUI Checkpoints can bring the Sheriff’s Station and its Deputies thousands and thousands of dollars in one night.

In some cases, DUI Checkpoints can be proper, legal stops and seizures of people driving in town. However, at other times the entire DUI Checkpoint can be improper, violate the rules, and be held to be illegal in a court of law. When a DUI Checkpoint is found to be improper or illegal, all of the evidence that the Sheriff collects is thrown out of court. This means that if a judge finds that a DUI Checkpoint was run incorrectly, the District Attorney cannot use any of the results of the Field Sobriety Tests, breath tests, or blood tests.

So, if a DUI Checkpoint is found to be illegal, a person arrested at that checkpoint should have the case against them dismissed.

A DUI case will not get dismissed on its own. A person that is accused of driving under the influence will have to fight to protect their rights; and to fight in court to get the case dismissed. For more information about DUI Checkpoints and how to defend cases in West Hollywood, call or e-mail MR DUI LA, Attorney Mark Rosenfeld.